Friday, October 1, 2010

Gloria Allred gets pwned by Caplis and Silverman

First off, if you missed the 5 O'clock hour of Caplis and Silverman this afternoon, it can be found here. At the beginning of the hour, Gloria Allred stops by to discuss her representation of Meg Whitman's "undocumented" ex-housekeeper. An ill-prepared Allred seems taken off-guard by the line of questioning, and thereby offers a unique glimpse into the liberal psyche. For someone who has championed the equal treatment of women for the last few decades, it's ironic that her debating style is analogous to stomping her feet, crying, and running away. True to liberal form, Allred offered very little substantive reasoning for her actions. Instead she saw fit to offer Mr. Silverman a lesson in political correctness when he referred to undocumented workers as "these people." When confronted with the reality that her political stunt may cost many good people their jobs, Allred becomes so flustered that she was apparently unable to continue the debate. This was a notable discussion because it offers us a crystal clear example of liberal hypocrisy. Those who sue every chance they get claiming first amendment protection are the same people who tell us what we can and can't say. Furthermore, they feign genuine empathy for the plight of illegal immigrants and the disenfranchised, when they are clearly exploiting these people for their own self aggrandizement. Allred's actions didn't help illegal immigrants. It's likely - as Dan and Craig pointed out - that she actually hurt a good deal of people with her stunt simply so she could be seen on TV rushing to the aid of another woman who would otherwise be helpless. Shame on Ms. Allred.